Date of Award

Spring 5-2003

Document Type


Degree Name

Honors College Theses


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Joyce O'Rourke

Second Advisor

Dr. Beverly Wade


Bridges are of the oldest structural challenges that engineers have encountered, they typify progress more than any other structures built by man. Throughout the course of history, bridges have provided dual purposes of serving as adjuncts between land bodies and also of acting as aesthetic marks of beauty. The idea that the addition of a bridge and other aesthetic structures across the lake would help cure some of Lake Kernan' s ills is the motivation for this design project and this thesis. This design project is a valuable lesson for the members of this design group. The project encompasses many aspects of civil engineering that are focused on in the Southern University curriculum. It touches on transportation engineering issues, environmental engineering concerns, geotechnical engineering requirements, and provides in depth analyses of structures. The planned design of the pedestrian bridge is a collective process that begins with the design of the bridge support system. Every bridge structure consists of two basic parts: a superstructure and a substructure. Design specifications are essential tools that engineers use in designing a bridge, but theses specifications such as AISC and ACI are by no means a form or template to follow in design. The chosen bridge design for this project is a single span bridge composed primarily of reinforced concrete. Under the current ACI Specifications, two basic design methods are allowed: Working Stress Design and Strength Design.