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Southern University College of Business E-Journal (College of Business)

ISSN 2158-303X

The mission of the E- Journal is devoted to the examination of issues related to business and economic problems in the global environment. The Journal also recognizes its role in providing a forum for discussion of issues relevant to the minority business community. The Journal will provide opportunities for business professors and other professionals to explore, communicate and provide innovative and new perspectives relevant for public and private decision making.

The E- Journal is distinguished from some other professional journals in that it does not emphasize methodological and theoretical elaboration for its own sake. The Journal is devoted to issues that that represent some of the most critical subjects in today’s environment, impacting business and economic practice and policy. The Journal publishes papers that are both practical, theoretical and policy oriented in the following fields.

Accounting, Legal Environment/Law, Economics, Electronic Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, OM/MIS, Organizational Behavior, Public Administration, Supply Chain Management, and Taxation. The Journal attempts to maintain high quality papers that are accepted as long as they represent advancement within the business fields indicated.

The E-Journal of Business and Economic Issues is published 3 times a year during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters using a blind review process. We do not favor any one writing or editorial style over another. Go to Call for Papers or the College of Business Website for more detailed information.