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Bioaugmentation with Tetrasphaera to Improve Biological Phosphorus Removal from Anaerobic Digestate of Swine Wastewater


Tetrasphaera-enhanced biological phosphorus removal (T-EBPR) was developed by augmenting conventional EBPR (C-EBPR) with Tetrasphaera to improve phosphorus removal from anaerobic digestate of swine wastewater. At influent total phosphorus (TP) concentrations of 45 to 55 mg/L, T-EBPR achieved effluent TP concentration of 4.17 ± 1.02 mg/L, 54% lower than that in C-EBPR (8.98 ± 0.76 mg/L). The enhanced phosphorous removal was presumably due to the synergistic effect of Candidatus Accumulibacter and Tetrasphaera occupying different ecological niches. Bioaugmentation with Tetrasphaera promoted the polyphosphate accumulation metabolism depending more on the glycolysis pathway, as evidenced by an increase in intracellular storage compounds of glycogen and polyhydroxyalkanoates by 0.87 and 0.34 mmol C/L, respectively. The enhanced intracellular storage capacity was coincidentally linked to the increase in phosphorus release and uptake rates by 1.23 and 1.01 times, respectively. These results suggest bioaugmentation with Tetrasphaera could be an efficient way for improved phosphorus removal from high-strength wastewater.


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