Date of Award

Winter 11-16-1995

Document Type

Master's Research Paper

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


The Department of Computer science was established as an instructional unit in college of sciences in 1968 at Southern University, Baton Rouge. The department serves more than 300 undergraduates and 80 graduate students in both education systems options. Academic Services or Graduate School provides the information on the Computer Science department to the requestors depending on their requests. This processing is not only taking staff time in attending the requests but also costing money to the University for mailing the Catalogs. Sometimes it may take more than a month to get the information after the process is initiated. The Chairman of the Department of Computer Science felt a need for a computer-based system that will provide the information about the computer science department. It would include programs of study, admission requirements, graduation requirements, computing facilities, courses of instruction, the faculty of instruction research interests and assistantships etc. World Wide Web site, set-up in the department of Computer Science is a computer-based system that will provide all information about the Computer Science department. This system will provide its users an affective interaction through its graphical interface and capabilities. This special project realizes the information database for the computer science department and presents it in a very easy format to navigate. This system will maintain the updated information of the Computer Science Department.