Date of Award

Spring 4-1989

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Mass Communication

First Advisor

Dr. Henry Wiggins


This thesis is a compilation of facts concerning a state of the art on print advertisements versus commercials and advertently how consumers' brand loyalty affects advertisement recall. The data presented herein is based on personal experience, library research, observation, experiment and intensive readings of similar works. Advertising's history dates back to hundreds of years ago when people (criers) publicized their wares by shouting what they hawk or sell. With time, advertising has come to be something of a major vehicle for corporate growth and diversification. It seems to have become practically indispensable to our economy and society. Among others, one of the advertising's most difficult purposes is understanding the point of view of potential consumers for a product. Therefore, the study attempts to answer the following questions: (a) Do consumers perceive, recognize and recall advertisements when engaged in actual shopping behavior or pattern? (b) To what extent does advertising's impact translate into the strategy used to select a brand? (c) Is there any relationship between advertising recall and brand loyalty by consumers? (d) Is it possible that advertising can provide the valuable function of reducing the cognitive effort required to make a choice?