Date of Award

Winter 12-1999

Document Type


Degree Name

Honors College Theses



First Advisor

Dr. Reginald Rackley

Second Advisor

Dr. Joyce W. O'Rourke

Third Advisor

Dr. Beverly Wade


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between African Self-Consciousness and attitudes towards interpersonal relationships among African American college students, ending classes at a predominantly white university, Northwestern State University, and at a predominantly black university, Southern University. The ASC scale was used to assess the Black personality construct of African self-consciousness. The BHR survey was used to assess the subjects' perceptions concerning heterosexual relationships. The findings support the hypothesis that ASC is directly related to whether the individual possesses Afrocentric or Eurocentric beliefs and attitudes. A direct relationship was found between environment and attitudes of the subjects in that, the environment either facilitated or distorted the level of ASC, resulting in the subject possessing either an Afrocentric or Eurocentric attitude, respectably.

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Psychology Commons