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Master of Arts (MA)

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Dr. Raymond Lockett

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Dr. William Arp, III

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Dr. Ronald Morazan


The purpose of this study is to examine the life of this great African American leader and his impact on Louisiana's society. This work will cite many of J.K. Haynes' social contributions and how pertinent they were to the evolution of education, as well as to the welfare of the citizens of Louisiana. The necessity for such a work like this, rest on the fact that too little emphasis has been placed on the role of African Americans in the evolution of Louisiana's Educational System. The author's goal is therefore to present autobiography of J.K. Haynes' career. A great deal of information for this study on this African American was obtained by interviewing individuals who worked with Haynes during his career. They included African American teachers, lawyers, politicians, administrators and other professionals throughout Louisiana. The author also used books, which explains how this dynamic civil rights leader championed the struggle for the equalization of teachers' salaries within the state of Louisiana, helped to legally protect African American educators, and how he uniquely contributed to the enhancement of education throughout the state of Louisiana. The legacy of this great advocate of quality education for African Americans continue to serve as an inspiration for future generations to take the initiative in help bring societal change.