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Honors College Theses



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Dr. Joyce W. O'Rourke

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Dr. Beverly Wade


This study evaluates if Scotlandville, in general, encompasses the six principles of green architecture. The green architecture principles promote: energy efficiency, water efficiency and conservation, material selection, resource conservation and recycling, community issues, and indoor environment quality, by redesigning the building for durability and adaptation. An analysis is conducted to begin to demonstrate how to provide the qualities of a healthy neighborhood, where the relationships between the built and natural environment will be in partnership. This study is performed in Scotlandville, Louisiana in the University Corridor. The methodology used is literature review, internet publications, and empirical studies, which are quantitative and qualitative. Through the use of Malcolm Wells' "Wilderness Based Checklist for Design and Construction", the study rates how green Scotlandville is, 2nd defines the aspects to be of use for revitalization and economic improvement. This tool rates design based on the site and the building from a positive and negative score of twenty-five hundred (2500) points. Particular structures and sites are chosen for evaluation. In addition to the physical conditions, the study includes the evaluation of the ~, attitudes towards green architecture. After an analysis and synthesis of the results, recommendations are made and tested, which begins to demonstrate how effective green architecture can be a centralization tool in the Scotlandville community.

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