Date of Award

Winter 12-1997

Document Type


Degree Name

Honors College Theses


Public Policy

First Advisor

Dr. Wiliam Arp

Second Advisor

Dr. Rogers J. Newman

Third Advisor

Dr. Beverly Wade


This paper summarizes priorities for the Environmental Protection Agency's federal environmental policy agenda. Ten issue areas are investigated, and major issues, problems and proposals are addressed for each of the areas. The proposed policies range in scope from recommendations for research, new legislation and amending existing legislation to new regulatory approaches and changes in existing regulations. Each policy recommendation identifies environmental policy measures that deserve priority status and a rationale for each proposal. These measures include changes to existing policy, reaffirmation of important existing policies, and the elimination of unwise policies. The policy recommendations also state whether the proposals will require increases in the level of funding for the program area. The criteria by which the initiatives were chosen included public health, cost effectiveness, political feasibility, and economic growth potential. Also included is an EPA budget proposal that illustrates how the policy recommendations will affect the agency's budget for the fiscal year. The budget begins with the funding allocated for the previous fiscal year and proposes adjustments for the upcoming fiscal year. A series of ambitious polices were formulated and adjustments to the EPA budget were proposed. The result is a complete policy agenda and budget initiative for the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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Public Policy Commons