Date of Award

Spring 5-1996

Document Type


Degree Name

Honors College Theses


Agricultural Economics

First Advisor

Dr. Calvin Walker

Second Advisor

Dr. Rogers J. Newman

Third Advisor

Dr. Beverly Wade


The emergence of the high-yielding varieties (HYVs) as alternatives to traditional varieties (IVS) of wheat, rice, and several other crops has been a major event in many developing countries during the last two decades. The output, income, and employment-augmenting effects of this modern technology have been documented in many regions of the world. The existing studies have focused on aggregate economic· indicators at national, regional, and sectoral levels. However, questions regarding the effects of higher levels of production on the distribution of income among rural families have been asked. This study assesses alternative sources of income supporting agricultural households in West Bengal, India, and determines the extent to which different income sources contribute to greater equality, or to greater inequality, among Indian agricultural households.