Date of Award

Spring 5-2000

Document Type


Degree Name

Honors College Theses



First Advisor

Dr. J. Delgado

Second Advisor

Dr. Joyce W. O'Rourke

Third Advisor

Dr. Beverly Wade


This thesis proposes a world class facility for extreme sports in Louisiana. This facility shall be an extreme sports entertainment center for Louisiana's youth and young at heart as well as be a possible site for the annual ESPN X games. It is expected that this facility shall provide both indoor and outdoor activities dealing with extreme sports plus new-age sports activities. These sports and activities range from such outdoor events as freestyle motor cross, bicycle stunts, street luge, go cart racing and water games, to various indoor events such as roller blading, aggressive in-line skating, freestyle skateboarding, laser tag, paint ball -and wall climbing. Most extreme sports will be represented in this facility with the exception of winter X games and various water games. The goals of this extreme sports facility are to bring new types of entertainment and activities to Louisiana as well as bring worldwide recognition through the incorporation of ESPN X games. The activities housed in this facility shall gain the interest of those extreme sports fanatics in the United States and the entire world. The outcome of such a facility in this area could mean big changes in economy and cultural diversity.

Included in

Architecture Commons