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Purpose The current paper presents the case of Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc. in the domain of gaming, entertainment, and lodging. Together with the top leadership and operators of Monarch, the authors investigated the timeline, business model, and strategic processes of the company, while exploring the markets that the company caters to. The research was focused on the following sub-domains: the company’s growth, business model, strategy, and operations. Design/methodology/approach The authors performed a review of the company’s literature and conducted interviews; for the part on company performance, the authors relied on in-house online data available of their financial statements, and online data sources for public corporations. Findings This paper provides useful insights and lessons learned from a publicly traded company in the gaming sector of the hospitality industry. It seeks to provide a case profile of the business of focus. Originality/value 4 In the current paper, the authors analyze a gaming and lodging enterprise and their pathways, including the impact of the current COVID-19 on their operations. The work’s originality occurs from the access to information via the highest leadership levels at the organization, therefore pioneering the concept of a case study for a gaming enterprise. Practical implications It presents the operations and performance of a publicly traded corporation, with the aim of shining light and providing a useful learning tool in both academic circles and practical industry discussions. The objective being to provide information for readers to gain an understanding of the company and results of the gaming business of focus.