Southern University College of Business E-Journal


Automation in the form of drones, machine learning, computer vision, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and robotic software applications will continue to increase productivity and reduce the need for some workers. While there may not be an immediate reduction in accounting professionals, data analytics has begun to shift the primary skill sets needed for accountants in the United States and abroad. In this paper, we identify and discuss the main challenges the profession faces in attracting black students to the profession. Additionally, we present a theoretical discussion of the challenge of ensuring that as more accounting work moves from traditional functions to those more akin to information systems professionals, we do not lose black students in the major and profession. We discuss how data analytics could reduce interest in the career among some demographic groups who historically have shown a hesitancy to pursue information technology careers. We conclude with a summary discussion of strategic recommendations that may allow the profession to increase its attractiveness with black students so that the accounting field may continue to enjoy a healthy number of new skilled recruits in the United States to replace retiring accounting and financial professionals.