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African American (AA) law firms in the 21st century have found themselves competing for market sustainability in a majority led industry that spends billions on advertisements (Li 2017). AA attorneys as a whole are continuously finding themselves collectively pouring millions of dollars in radio and television advertisements in order to acquire new clients to survive. Interestingly, no sound advertisement strategy is usually executed by these well intended but misguided law firms at the majority and minority levels and both types of firms end up spending a lot of valuable money in various media outlets that produce little or no positive financial results. Therefore, it is recommended that sound marketing advertising theory based on theoretical and practical advertising strategies be used to yield high returns that will position an AA law firm to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace at very little cost with better returns on advertisement investments. The AIDA model (Lavidge & Steiner,1961) and five other strategies (Gotter 2018) where an emphasis on internet and viral marketing are offered as great tools to provide quantitative, qualitative and search engine optimization procedures to measure advertising effectiveness and establish efficiencies in a cluttered and poorly executed advertising age of law firms that currently exist.